October 12, 2010

There Will Be (Electoral) Blood

I cannot add anything more to what has been said the last 18 months. We stand three weeks away from telling the statists, leftists, RINO collaborators, and assorted fuckjumbles what we think about them and what they have done and wish to do to us. Hell, even their big money sugar daddies are bailing on them.

And to that, I say:
Fuck yeah. Fuck them all. Warpfuck them spewingstyle with Fuckabod Crane's foul fuckstick across the fifth dimension so fucking hard, Old Faithful will be in awe of the opening created. These fucking fucknaves not only have set up roadblocks to our future, but they actively seek to keep them in place. And to that, I want them fucking gone. 

That's fucking right. I want an electoral bloodbath, and nothing less. I want every fucking leftist out there defeated. I want every fucking statist sent packing. I want to see carnage and (electoral) blood on the fields of voting. And I hectofuck with Secretariat's horsecock want to see nothing but bloody carcasses that have been gloryfucked by the victors come November 3rd. 

These fucking bilgefuckers have set forth on a course to ruin our opportunities for a better life and the freedoms we associate with being Americans. And to them, I say, "Fuck you! We'll take charge, fuck you very much." I owe it to my daughter to do so, and nothing less. And anything that fucking gets in my way will be fuckrolled by the steamroller of fuckitude and flattening.

I tried to be patient and magnanimous, but after years of beatings, slander, lies, taunts, abuse, attacks, and all-around dickfistery, I have no intention of mercy for them, since they refused to show us any in the past. I want to see them humilated and beaten. I want to see them stammering and despondent. And I really want to fucking see the careers of as many leftists ruined as possible. And the only way we can fucking do it is to bootfuck them out of office in three weeks.

Yes, in three weeks, we shall declare our independence once again. We shall declare our independence from the lethargy, despair, and hopelessness the leftists want to impose. We shall tell them to take their nanny statism and fuck themselves up their fresh fuckholes with it. And we shall reassert our fucking rights as Americans to be as free as possible from the boot of tyranny on our throats.

November is indeed coming soon. November will be here soon enough. And November is when we shall fucking rollfuck the left right out of town with the fucktremors of quakefucking. And I want it all performed to this in the background.

Feel the fuckwave, lefties. Feel the fuckwave of freedom. And feel the fuckwave as it carries your sorry asses out to sea, where your careers will become feasts for the sea monsters. In the name of the future and the present, get fucked, go to hell, and let us bail this country out. 

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