October 06, 2010

Joe Sestak: Class Act

Just imagine if a Republican did this.

Fuck. Them. All. Fuck their careers. Fuck their futures. Fuck their electoral viability for seven fucking generations. And fuck everyone who supports them.

Leave no one fucking standing. Triumphfuck the carcasses of the defeated with the destructodong of domination, and circus fuck with a rabid stunt midget anyone who even thinks of defending their fucked up fuckheadedness down the road with enough fuckfury that Sherman's March to the Sea will look like a wet noodle in comparison.

Do it for the future. Do it for revenge. Do it for the Constitution. Do it to piss off the media. Fuck, do it just because you fucking want to. I don't fucking care, so long as you do it and destroy their chances of ever hurting our country again. But do it. 

Four more fucking weeks, my friends. Four more fucking weeks. Lets run up the score so fucking bad, their anal ruptures the furious fuckaphant of freedom will inflict on them will seem like a paper cut in comparison to what we need to do to them.

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