April 06, 2010


I'm not the kind of person who normally gives two fucking shits about swearing, but...

...when the President's own official store turns an embarrassing gaffe into a selling point for merchandise, well, that's a little bit different, now, isn't it? A little bit different and oh so classy.

Let's imagine this was a Bush/Cheney thing, huh? Yeah.

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A Warm Up Video

I have something rattling around in my head, but I need a few minutes to get it together. If you know anything about how this video has become a meme in the concertgoing world, then you know that you will need to buckle your seatbelts, because I am good and worked up.

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April 05, 2010

Da, tovarich

Are you a conservative who's not quite sure what to make of the Tea Party movement and/or isn't quite sure about The Twat (AKA David Frum)? Well, how's about you let this Russian broadcast outlet clarify things for you...

Yeah. I'm convinced that what they're saying is TOTALLY in our best interests.

Update: Well, sure, this guy is someone we should be listening to about the conservative movement, huh?

And he tries to say that the Dems aren't in bed with any media organizations with a straight face. Are they even trying anymore?

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March 23, 2010

The "Go-to guy"

So, the top story on Google News right now is a NYT piece on the "Drawbacks" of GOP opposition to Obamacare, and who does Adam Nagourney quote as the "conservative" who thinks this is a bad, bad, horrible thing for the right? Whose remarks prompted Nagourney to say that our side's opposition to this fucking catastrophe "sowed doubts with the public about its [the GOP's] ideas and leadership credentials"? And who was directly quoted as saying that "this thing is not as catastrophic as advertised"?

Here's a clue: Gibbsy is a fan, eh.

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March 21, 2010

David Frum is super scary-smart

I won't bother linking it since I don't feel like driving traffic his way, but The Twat took a break from polishing his boyfriend Barry's knob  today to write a column about how Obamacare is a disaster.  For America?  For freedom? 

Nope.  For conservatives and the GOP because (shocka!) we didn't compromise enough for his liking with Teh Won.

And he titled it "Waterloo."

Yes, really.

Oh, and talk radio and Sarah Palin and Fox News are all terrible, too, according to this fraud, so we should all turn away from them and, well, elect people like The Twat, I guess.

My response?


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March 19, 2010

Dire Predictions

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but...

The Healthcare bill WILL pass.  It will be signed.  Also, the Supreme Court will NOT overturn it based on the "Slaughter" situation because the Court generally will avoid any interference with how the legislative branch accomplishes its "voting" on bills.

So, I think its time we start game planning for what we do next.  Constitutionality of the insurance mandate?  State resistance?  Riot?

Update:   This comment got out of control so here it is in an update...

1)  It isn't my job to motivate you.

2)  You being motivated will have literally 0 impact on whether a bunch of crapweasel Democrats do what they want to do instead of what they think they need to do to keep their jobs.

3)  Eat my shit.

4)  If I or you or anyone in the American electorate had ANY power in the matter I'd be in front of the line screaming and fucking pushing those fucktards toward the correct decision but they have CLEARLY decided that what the public WANTS is irrelevant.  They're going for it.  The goals of the socialist party can finally be realized and if a few heads have to roll, it'll be okay.  They've set the self destruct mechanism and killed the only guy with the code. 

Its just a matter of how shiteously they rape the Constitution before they're done.  Hopefully they are egregious enough to motivate the populace into supporting a complete undoing of this piece of shit.  Probably by two years into the higher taxes with no benefits the economy will be so unbelievably fucked up that it'll be destroyed.

But this bill this week?  Passing.  Get used to the idea.  Its like when people say "Iran won't nuke us because they'll be destroyed."  That stupid statement only makes sense when Iran is a rational actor.  The Democrats, similarly, aren't rational actors so it will be equally invalid as an argument.

And if that won't stop them, then go ahead and tell me what will.  I can't think of anything we have to offer that they want more than this.

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March 11, 2010

The Conservative Soul

That's the title of one of Excitable Andi's Books. And he should know all about that after one of his "readers" assures him that "If Obama outlasts [conservative critics of his health insurance takeover--ed.] -- if he takes every punch and emerges victorious -- then two key things will happen."

Quoth St. Andrew's reader (who totally isn't one of the voices in his head):

First, the voices on the right advocating opposition will have to account for their failing. Second, Obama will gain more leeway and tolerance from the middle-of-the-road voter, further strengthening his hand. In effect, succeeding grants Obama the right to move even slower in the future, as it suits him. Trust is (re)born.
Riiiiiiiight. If this hugely unpopular bill gets rammed through, everything will be FUCKING AWESOME for Obama and a disaster for the GOP. Because they failed somehow to stop a gigantic, expensive overhaul of the nation's health insurance system. And if the Dems ram this piece of shit through, Obama gets to claim victories when his deadlines expire. Because...um, shut up, that's why.

Oh, and what does the sage of "The Conservative Soul" have to say in response?
Do what you can to get healthcare passed. Yeah. I'm talking to you. Call your congressman and Senator. Organize.

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March 05, 2010

I Hate Rude Behavior In A Man. I Won't Tolerate It

Last week, a commenter came over here and in the course of one of the discussions, decided to cross the line and demean, insult, and otherwise cast malice upon people who are members of the GLBT community, not for their views, but for their lifestyle. The comments this fellow made went beyond legitimate policy arguments and went to the pointless, cruel, and stupid route, and hurt and offended several people who come here to participate in our slice of Moronia.

I was so angry, I actually wrote down in MS-Word (fuck you, MS-Word!) a response that I was itching to give to this person, should he choose to reappear. Sadly, the guy did not, and I now can't find the response (fuck you, My Mad Computer Haxxor Skillz!), but it was passionate. I was and continue to be angry that people with whom I share a common bond (opposing leftism) and a Fake Internet Friendship were told they were not worthy of consideration based not on their political views, but on the fact their sexuality is different than his.

Fuck that. Fuck it with a Roast Beef Combo with rocket AIDS in place of au jus. While this is not my site, I do not look kindly upon somebody coming along and demeaning my friends and cohorts. I will not tolerate those who wish to go beyond legitimate political debate and into bigotry directed at or about my friends. I fucking look at people based on whether or not they are decent people, share my views, and just want to be left the fuck alone by the Nannyarchy, and not other things. Maybe I am wrong and naive, but fuck it. I just don't like seeing any of my friends hurt.

And since I can't duplicate what I wrote, please allow me to present an audio visual portrayal of how to handle people who are assholes.

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February 24, 2010

The Ironing Is Delicious

Alan Grayson, all around shitheel who made a ton of money suing military contractors, had his lame ass rescued from Niger during the coup by military contractors.

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February 23, 2010

Commie troofer idiot is "an American treasure"

The president of the NAACP hearts Van Jones, who he says "may be the most misunderstood man in America." He's giving Jones the NAACP's President's Award at the 41st Image Awards on Friday.

Far from the divisive caricature painted by some cable news outlets [Some? I don't seem to remember any net but Fox News mentioning teh crazee that is Van Jones, but I guess you'd rather not mention them by name, especially since you're writing this for Completelyignored News Network--ed], Van has been one of America's most effective and inspiring bridge-builders. He has successfully brought together labor leaders, business executives, civil rights champions, students and environmentalists to find creative solutions to the ecological and economic crises. His efforts earned him designation as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2004.
Not mentioned anywhere in the article is Jones's trooferism. What a shock.

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February 19, 2010

Your tax dollars at work

Oh, for fuck's sake, people...

A Seattle fortune company cookie has unveiled a line of cookies bearing messages on behalf of the U.S. Census Bureau.
Yes, really. They're actually spending money—your money—to put Census crap in fucking fortune cookies.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if they've come up with some kind of program to hire high school kids to stand next to everyone's mailboxes on weekends, twirling those stupid arrow signs that property managers normally use to point people toward condos for sale.

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February 18, 2010

Change your facetweetspace pic! For Him!

You can do so here, Obama's continuing campaign organization (complete with Obama's personal logo) assures you.

Bush "cultists," anyone?

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Is this supposed to be a comedy?

Because, if it's not, somehow, it's gonna be that much more hilarious.

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February 17, 2010

Know how you can tell how unpopular John McCain is?

I can't find another conservative site that has mentioned JD Hayworth's birth certificate comments. I did find some comments at Pajamas Media in response to a post about how great JD Hayworth is, but that's it.

Update - Hot Air has it now

also fixed the original link.

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February 15, 2010

Whose line is it, anyway?

Well, that's not the only question. We also have to deduce who the shrieking, hysterical person it is. Here's a clu—oh, for fuck's sake it's Andrew Sullivan...

I have to say I fear her. Or, rather, I fear a country that has allowed such a person to come so close to power and to dominate its discourse quite so powerfully. It is a sign that all is not well.
You might want to take some medication, there, Andrew. And, even if the medical marijuana clinics are legal there in P-Town, something from the pharmaceutical industry might help.

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February 05, 2010

Pat Robertson: Blood Money Recipient And Hypocrite

Fuck you, Pat Robertson. Fuck you with the blood money you collected and the Book of Ruth. And fuck you for being such a fucking sleazeball who worked to keep thugs in power and lobby on their behalf.

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, testifying in his own war crimes trial today, said that the American conservative evangelist Pat Robertson was awarded a Liberian gold-mining concession in 1999 and subsequently offered to lobby the Bush administration to support his government.

The revelations came in the midst of a U.N.-backed trial of Taylor at The Hague on 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity during Sierra Leone's 1990s civil war. Taylor is accused of directing a Sierra Leone rebel group, the United Revolutionary Front (RUF), in a campaign aimed at securing access to the country's diamond mines. The rebel movement stands accused of committing mass atrocities in the late 1990s in the West African country, including the mutilation of thousands of civilians.

The international prosecutors contend that Taylor offered concessions to Western individuals in exchange for lobbying work aimed at enhancing his image in the United States. The prosecution maintains that Taylor also spent $2.6 million on lobbying firms and public relations outfits in the hopes of influencing the policies of former President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Under cross-examination, Taylor said that Robertson had volunteered to make Liberia's case before U.S. administration officials, and had spoken directly to President Bush about Taylor. He also confirmed that Robertson's company, Freedom Gold Limited, signed an agreement to exploit gold in southeastern Liberia, but that it never generated any profit.

Seriously, lobbying on behalf of third world thugs in exchange for gold mining rights? What the fuck? This shit is fucking bad enough when a regular citizen does it, but when a man of the cloth does it? Last time I fucking checked, clergy were supposed to be looking out for the souls of folks, not pocketing blood money in exchange for anything.

 Ugh. I could ignore some of Robertson's foolish comments about a lot of things, but working on behalf of a guy like Taylor? Fuck. No.


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January 29, 2010

Silky Pony's mistress demanding tapes back from Silky's aide

Wrong, so, so wrong.

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January 22, 2010

Caption Contest!


I'm gonna go with: "Dude, Bill...Altoids."

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January 21, 2010

Arlen Specter: Chivalrous Gentleman

Look, I agree that politics is a rough and tumble deal, but could you imagine what would have happened had a Republican Man had said this to a Democrat Woman?

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January 20, 2010

I wasn't aware lies were protected speech

I'm surprised the ACLU isn't behind this.

Rick Strandlof may have lied about being a decorated Iraq War veteran, but those lies are protected by the First Amendment, according to his attorney and a civil liberties organization.


He is accused of posing as "Rick Duncan," a wounded Marine captain who received a Purple Heart and a Silver Star. Strandlof used that persona to found the Colorado Veterans Alliance and solicit funds for the organization.


Rutherford Institute attorney Douglas McKusick argues that Strandlof's lies did not "inflict harm" upon the medals he lied about or debase the meaning of the medals for the veterans who actually earned them.

I suppose it's true, lawyers don't have to actually make any sense.

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