August 06, 2010


I've been told that The Atlantic was once a prominent magazine, full of thought-provoking articles and home to smart essayists.

And then, they hired Andrew Sullivan.

Excitable Andi is apparently setting the tone over there, seeing as how Jeffrey Goldberg seems comfortable writing dreck like this on their website:

It seems likely that Conde Nast, the publisher of such magazines as The New Yorker, GQ and Vanity Fair, will be moving into the office tower currently being built on the site of the destroyed Twin Towers. This news is a terrible affront to all patriotic and freedom-loving Americans, and an insult to the memories of those murdered on September 11th, 2001. It is hard to believe that Mayor Michael Bloomberg would allow this company to despoil such a holy place.

Why is this an insult to the victims of 9/11? The answer, I think, is obvious. Among the titles published by Conde Nast is the fashion magazine Vogue. Vogue publishes an Italian edition. Italy, of course, was the incubator of fascism. The terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center were Islamofascists. I think the connection is clear.
There's more har-de-har-har, you stupid, racist wingnuts stuff at the link, but I wouldn't bother if I were you.

If this is what passes for being "clever" in this day and age, I'll stick to sitting at home, swilling Val-U-Rite vodka out of a plastic jug and won't despair too much over the fact that the Smart Set never invites me to their cocktail parties.

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