July 28, 2008

Why does anyone still live in LA?

I'll admit, I've wanted to move there from time to time, but if they do something this braindead, that's a urge I'll never have again (emphasis mine):

Faced with the potential loss of a telephone users' tax worth $65 million a year, Los Angeles County supervisors are asking voters to approve a new measure in November that would preserve the tax at a lower rate - but also expand it to include new technologies.

Supervisors voted unanimously last week to place the measure on the Nov. 4 ballot, reducing the tax individuals and businesses pay on phones, natural gas and electricity.


But the measure also would expand the types of communications that could be taxed, including text messaging on cell phones, paging, conference calls and other new technologies.

A tax on text messaging would kick my ass.  I barely talk on my phone at all due to text messaging, especially since I started getting unlimited texts.  And what better way to attract business than to tax conference calls?

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