September 21, 2010

Where to begin?


Okay, let's break this down...

1. Songs that a bunch of people get together to record for a cause are almost always awful, but schlock like "We Are The World" at least featured pop stars.  This features, um...

2. The song sucks.

3. It was inspired by soccer.

4. This is the most important thing that the peacemongers didn't mention: North Korea is a fucking nightmare state where famine isn't just common, it's state policy. Terror is an official government program, but that's not mentioned in the nice little song about "peace." Sing all you want, but the monsters who run North Korea don't give a shit. In fact, you're helping them.

Peace doesn't come from a fucking soccer game.

It comes from Kim Jong Il realizing that his Stalinist government is killing his own people. Peace is guaranteed by the Korean-born American army officer whose proud father lives across the street from me, worrying about whether or not his son is going to have to face a nuclear war or a screaming suicide charge from the only people who get to eat to his north.

Peace comes from freedom.  They don't say that things can be "bought for a song" for nothing.

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