September 03, 2008

What is it with dudes named Andrew?

Obviously, I believe in the power of blogging. I mean, my own crapblog has allowed me to connect with literally tens of people. But in this Reuters story on the way blogging and things like Twitter are shaping this election campaign, some dude they quote goes a little bit overboard (with my emphasis):

The new media amplify, and strengthen, what might previously have been simple comments shared by neighbors over the back fence, and make them too dangerous to ignore, said Andrew Rasiej, a Democratic strategist and founder of Personal Democracy Forum, a grass-roots politics website.

"The McCain campaign I believe had no choice but to respond to the buzz that was churning on the Internet," Rasiej said. "To ignore it any further would have ceded the hill to the revolutionaries who were demanding answers online long before the mainstream media even opens its mouth to ask the question."

Dude, seriously, Andrew? You see a bunch of douchebags who were spreading vile rumors about a seventeen-year-old girl and her infant brother as "revolutionaries" of some sort? Wow.


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