October 24, 2010

Tuesdays With Shit For Brains

Let's review:

1. Muslim terrorists kill thousands of people on 9/11.

2. Bill O'Reilly makes a remark on The View about how "Muslims killed us."

3. Two old ladies walk off the set of The View.

4. O'Reilly spends a week talking about 1-3 on his show.

5. Juan Williams says he's "worried" and "nervous" when people in "Muslim garb" are on a flight that he's on.

6. Williams gets fired from his NPR gig.

7. Somewhere in a cave, bin Laden laughs.

Um, why? Is it because one of his goals was censorship? Because he's a fan of political correctness? Nope. Something else happened:

And that, right there is the fucking problem, isn't it, Mitch?

You fucked up and admitted the truth, didn't you? Williams said something that lots of people are afraid to say, and Ho-Lee Shit, it got a lot of attention, didn't it?

You're done. At least I hope so. You and your pals can look the other way and hope that the terrorists kill you last, but the rest of us would rather...oh, fuck. I don't even care anymore. Bow down, and see what you get.

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