March 11, 2010

The Conservative Soul

That's the title of one of Excitable Andi's Books. And he should know all about that after one of his "readers" assures him that "If Obama outlasts [conservative critics of his health insurance takeover--ed.] -- if he takes every punch and emerges victorious -- then two key things will happen."

Quoth St. Andrew's reader (who totally isn't one of the voices in his head):

First, the voices on the right advocating opposition will have to account for their failing. Second, Obama will gain more leeway and tolerance from the middle-of-the-road voter, further strengthening his hand. In effect, succeeding grants Obama the right to move even slower in the future, as it suits him. Trust is (re)born.
Riiiiiiiight. If this hugely unpopular bill gets rammed through, everything will be FUCKING AWESOME for Obama and a disaster for the GOP. Because they failed somehow to stop a gigantic, expensive overhaul of the nation's health insurance system. And if the Dems ram this piece of shit through, Obama gets to claim victories when his deadlines expire., shut up, that's why.

Oh, and what does the sage of "The Conservative Soul" have to say in response?
Do what you can to get healthcare passed. Yeah. I'm talking to you. Call your congressman and Senator. Organize.

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