October 15, 2008

Some Canadian assumes you're racist

But the good news is that you're worried enough about the economy to vote for the most socialist major party presidential candidate in our history:

Barack Obama is beating John McCain because fear trumps fear. That is, the fear of many white voters for their jobs and their homes surpasses the fear some of them feel over electing a black man.
Yep, because there's no other reason people (white people, anyway) could possibly have for voting against Barack Obama. Nope. None at all. Hell, even if you're white and you're voting for Obama, you're probably a racially scared racist who's afraid of black people anyway.  So if you're white and you vote against Obama, you're probably a racist.  And if you're white and you vote for Obama?  Probably a racist, too, but maybe a more pragmatic racist.

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Hoser.

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