August 26, 2008

Say what?

I enjoyed both The Civil War and Baseball, two great documentary series by director Ken Burns. His more recent series, The War, wasn't quite as great, but it was still interesting. All that said, I'm going to call Burns an embarrassing tool for having uttered the following about Ted Kennedy:

I think there's so much poignancy. And what you begin to realize though is what he has accomplished during the course of his lifetime, in many ways dwarves the actual legacy of his two martyred brothers, three martyred brothers. At the same time, they're fixed. And so we endow them with the immortality that they so clearly deserve. And yet here is the youngest brother, the little engine that could that keeps going every single day, adding something to our agenda, adding something to this country. This isn't just a Democrat or Republican thing, this is for all of us. He's an amazing, amazing man to get to know.
A certain young woman who got to know Teddy back in the late sixties was unavailable for comment.

But, seriously, the fact that a grown man could have such an obvious schoolgirl crush on someone like Ted Kennedy is just creepy.  Perhaps the fact that he made such mawkish remarks in the presence of  Chris "Giggles" Matthews and Keith "Biggest Douche in the Universe" Olbermann explains why Burns felt inclined to let his hair down and emote all over Teddy.  "The little engine that could?"  That's just weird.

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