September 07, 2009

RINO roots

Benedict Arlen is palling around with Scranton's favorite son exile...

"This is one of the few guys that I have know in 36 years that when it came down to a matter of principle and what would help his state, or his future, he chose the principle," Biden said.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one, Pluggy! He's so principled that he switched parties in order to avoid a primary challenge that he would almost certainly lose. Or did he?
Specter joked that Biden called him up so much that "I reverted to my roots and became a Democrat" and voted for the stimulus package. Specter switched parties in April.
Thanks for confirming what we always knew, Arlen, you fucking fraud.
Oh, and hey, while you're at it, why not bury yourself just a little bit more?
Specter told the crowd how he had been attending town hall meetings in support of the administration's health care plan. He has faced angry crowds at those forums.

"Single payer is on the table and we need a robust public option and we're going to get it," Specter said.

You just heard it from the horse's mouth ass, Pennsylvania. Arlen Specter wants the government to take over seventeen percent of our economy. And if you work in the coal industry? Gee, you think he's gonna vote to "help his state"? Call me a cynic, but I think he might just vote to help his new (although always close to his heart) party and his recently found buddies in the Obama administration.

Coming from California, it's not easy for me to look down on another state, but if you guys manage to re-elect this guy, well...

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