October 18, 2009

Reason 617,213,123,129,100,100 To Hate RINOS

Thanks to Nice Deb, we learn that the head of the ACU has been playing the wrong side of the fence. And when John Ziegler tries to get a word with the guy, Ziegler gets removed from the interview.

Yeah, Mr. Head of the ACU, I have one response to you:

Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck You. Fuck You! Fuck you and your arrogance through your circumcised with a pizza slicer dick from the future with a railroad spike covered in fire ants. Seriously, what the fuck are you doing, supporting Arlen Fucking Specter? Do you not know what a dickfister he has been for the last forty years? Do you not know that he always has been a thorn in the side of CONSERVATIVES, the fucking group you claim to lead? Do you not realize that following the path of the RINOs has led to the problems we face now? Do you not realize that RINOs are False Prophets? How fucking stupidly arrogant can you be?

And what the fuck are you doing treating a guy like John Ziegler and Sarah Palin, who have done more to help conservatism with their work and internet postings the last few months than you ever have done by issuing white papers and pointy headed wonkfest lectures? Do you not understand "new media"? Do you not realize that we need to embrace new methods and people to help get our message out to people and help elect conservative folks to office, not more Arlen Fucking Specters? Did you not see how "new media", Tea Partiers, and people with a YouTube account or a social networking page can change political climates? How fucking stupidly arrogant can you be?

Sheesh. I am so fucking sick and tired of Every. Fucking. Body on our side, including many of those we believe are on our side, sticking that pinecone of idiocy up our asses and telling us it's for the best, especially after nominating RINOs has been proven to be a fool's errand and a guaranteed disaster at the ballot box. If I were a member of the ACU, I would call for your ouster, especially after shit like this. Fuck off, and let true conservatives, not RINOS and their False Prophets, lead the return to power.

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