August 23, 2008

Picture this

I linked to this article about pretentious hipster douchebags street artists who are supporting Obama in the comments to the Iowahawk thread below, but I thought this bit deserved its own post (my emphasis):

[Chicago artist Ray] Noland first sold his posters to friends. Then, just before the Illinois Democratic primary, he rented a storefront and made it a temporary art gallery, where he marketed his screen-printed Obama posters and paintings. He eventually packed the pictures into his Subaru and took his work on the road. Noland set up shop in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Oregon for those states' primaries.

In North Carolina, Noland was surprised by a visit from Obama and his wife, Michelle, who "spent all of this time just gazing at the images," Noland said. "I think he was overwhelmed at seeing all of this work with his face all around." But, Noland said, Obama told him to keep up the good work.
Overwhelmed? Maybe. Or maybe he's the kind of asshole who gets an ego boost by staring at propaganda posters of himself.

To be fair, though, it's probably pretty easy to get caught up in that sort of thing when you've got a bunch of fawning sycophants like Noland kissing your ass and basically telling you that you're the new Messiah.  The trouble is that he seems to actually believe it.

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