April 21, 2009

Perez Hilton is a Misogynist Douchebag

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There. I said it. I don't care that he's openly gay, NTTIAWWT. I sort of expect Perez Hilton to have some "ew, ick, it's a girl with boobies" hang-up. But that has NOTHING to do with his vulgar and sexist remarks directed towards a beauty pageant contestant.

Apparently after the flap about his lame question, his faux disgust at her response (which ultimately led him to call her a "dumb bitch"), the only remorse Perez Hilton felt was that he didn't call her "the 'c' word." Watch the video to the very end.

Please note the reaction of the female MSNBC anchor after he laughed at his own suggestion. I doubt she thought it was as comical and cute as the gynophobic Perez did. I know his childish remarks sent me through the roof.

I hope the Miss USA Pageant organizers see this video clip and make sure that he is never invited to be a judge again.

p.s. - I'm sure glad Hilton cleared up that there is a difference between running for POTUS and running for Miss USA. Otherwise people might have been a bit confused. /eye roll

UPDATE: A. Weasel shares this video of Hilton saying how Miss California should have answered the question to HIS liking. And another judge says basically it is better to give a fluff answer than an honest answer. Miss California says "no thanks" to their advice. Good for her.

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