October 06, 2009

On such an Autumn day

If you've never lived in California, you might not get this, but it's one of the most divided states in the country. It's really like a bunch of small states shoehorned into a mega-state, where, for a variety of reasons, those of us who live in SoCal hate the people of the Bay Area (and vice-versa), the rural communities in the interior dislike the Pacific coastal communities, the weirdos and misfits in the far north toward Oregon may as well live on a different planet, everyone mistrusts Sacramento, and nobody likes Bakersfield. Srsly, fuck you, Bakersfield. Oh, and STFU, Fresno.

All that said, when Bubba came here to endorse San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's campaign for Governor, he might have picked a different city in which to deliver this line:

"San Francisco may be the greatest city in the entire country" on issues of environment and energy conservation, "and it may be because of (Newsom's) leadership," Clinton told a crowd of students at Los Angeles City College.
Jeezus, as far as I'm concerned, he may as well have shown up in a Giants jersey and chanted "Beat LA! Beat LA!"

I know that all of you hate this whole state anyway, so I'd like to thank anybody who made it through to the end of this post. Really, we're not all a bunch of hippies and commies. I live in a city that's managed to stay in the black throughout its entire history, and my district elects real conservatives to the House of Representatives, the Assembly, and the state Senate. It's those fucking NorCal assholes and Hollywood douchebags who always fuck things up for the rest of us.

See what I mean?

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