March 03, 2009

Oh, snap!

So, Rush Limbaugh misspoke at CPAC, mistakenly attributing some lines from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution, and a Kossak gloats:

But that phrase is nowhere to be found in the constitution. It's actually from the Declaration of Independence, as any elementary school civics student could tell you.

Apparently, the audience at CPAC had no idea that Limbaugh had erred, because they fiercely applauded his mistaken attribution.

And that, my friends, gives new meaning to the word "ignorance."

Yeah, you've got us there. It would have been great if someone in the audience had jumped in right there and said, "Hey, Rush, you screwed up there." I mean, it's not like Obama has never ever made such a trivial mistake about this country, right? Right?

I mean, it's not like you're supposed to learn how many states we have by the time you're in grade school, right? Much less when you're a Senator who's running for President of however many states we may have. 

After all, it's pretty easy to get confused.  Really, who among us can keep track of that sort of thing?

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