August 17, 2008

Nothing new to Pennsylvanians, unfortunately

Alice H sends this my way.  It's pretty sad, a kennel owner (read: puppy mill operator) was warned that he needed to seek medical treatment for the 70 dogs in his mill or he could face animal abuse charges.  The local shelter was ready to take the dogs with the agreement to forgo any charges.  Instead, the guy shot all of them.  Part of me wonders if he did this because he was scared of what they would find in terms of neglect, inbreeding and illness, or embarrassed by it.  Guess he wasn't too embarrassed to profit off of the mills, huh?

Sadly, this doesn't surprise me and probably doesn't surprise a lot of Pennsylvanians.  There is actually a somewhat serious problem with puppy and kitten mills in the state.  We've had two or three mills shut down in the rural areas a short drive away from the city over the past few years, and I believe we had a pet shop in town that was a front for mill operations (no longer exists, I believe the owners were charged with something stemming from their mills and the store folded).  Oddly enough, some of the Amish communities have gotten in on the mill racket too. 

Then you have to consider the other half of it, the mills in the cities, usually in the poor neighborhoods, and usually they're milling pit bulls.  We had a pit bull mill broken up in town a few years ago, as well as a dogfighting ring that was part of it.  So, yeah, none of this shocks me, and I really wish the ratbastard would be charged, but he'll probably get away with the abuses he committed.

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