July 18, 2008

More DNC Nuance

Once again, Cindy McCain is the only spouse of a presidential candidate who is fair game for attack:

"The real question is not so much about what Cindy McCain does for a living," [DNC adviser Jamal] Simmons said, "She can do whatever she wants to do for a living. This is America."

Simmons said the issue is that McCain had promised "to lead a transparent government, and he's so far, he's not leading a transparent campaign...He hasn't talked about how much he pays, or why he doesn't pay full fare for those airplane flights he flies around that (corporate) jet. He doesn't talk about what's going to happen to his Cindy McCain if he goes into the White House. And so the question is, of course he listens to somebody like Phil Gramm who thinks that the economy is all in our heads, or the economic problems are all mental, because with John McCain, he has eight houses. They spend $750,000 on credit cards in one month. And he's flying around the country in his corporate jet."

Naturally, Cindy McCain brought this on herself by committing the sin of having money while being conservative. 

Exit question:  How does racking up high credit card bills not in touch with where Americans are, as Simmons suggests?  I know it makes me feel closer to the McCain family.

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