December 12, 2009

Like we didn't see this coming

Noted frothing lunatic Andrew Sullivan (no link per editorial policy) goes on at length about Obama's speech in Oslo (Surprise! He loved it!) and discusses why he, The World's Last True Conservative, is such an Obama fanboi:

When I have been asked why I, as a conservative, support this man the way I do, I can only answer: listen to him. What is the philosophy that most affirms "the imperfections of man and the limits of reason"? What philosophy sadly demurs when told that peace is possible on earth, that history is leading to utopia, that war is over, that "freedom is on the march"? And this is the critical distinction between Bush and Obama: Obama is far more conservative than his predecessor.
But of course. Excitable Andi is such a deep conservative thinker that, given the chance, he will support the liberal Democrat over the Republican every single motherfucking time. Remember back in 2004, when John Fucking Kerry was "the conservative choice" as far as Sully was concerned? The rest of us troglodytes who found this hilarious were apparently too stupid to grasp why we should have taken his word and voted for a Taxachusetts leftist like Kerry. You know, because he was more conservative than Bush.

And while he pretended that he was upset at Bush over spending (*cough* gay marriage *cough*) he now finds his big-spending fantasy boyfriend to be far more conservative than Bush ever was. Yeah.

Why, I'm almost starting to suspect that St. Andrew of the Blessed Heart-Ache was, dare I say it, never really all that conservative in the first place.

(Oh, and Barry's public stance is that he's against gay marriage, too. And with his approval ratings plunging, what do you think the odds are that he's going to tack waaaaaay to the left on that issue next year? Will someone be gob-smacked? Stay tuned!)

Update: I missed something earlier that's ultra-obvious here:
When I have been asked why I, as a conservative, support this man the way I do, I can only answer: listen to him.
That's right. It's all about the wonderful, soothing words that come flowing out of Barack Obama's speech-hole, not, you know, the stuff he's been doing. So, while he's nationalizing industries, authorizing unelected bureaucrats to set the salaries of employees of private companies, trying to ram through a socialized health care bill that could send citizens to prison for failing to buy insurance that they don't want, and re-shaping our economy by destroying the energy sector, "conservatives" like Sullivan, Brooks, Parker and Noonan can listen to his blathering and say, "Oh, well, that sounds particularly eloquent, and he went to the right schools, so, that's nice," all the while deluding themselves that the turd they've just been served was sweet, delicious ice cream. Sure, that's conservative.

Oh, and if any of us knuckledragging "teabaggers" should mention anything negative about His Nibs or the way the Democrats have been leading us down the road to ruin, well, we just don't get the nuance. Why, we might even be RAAAAACISTS!!!!!!

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