June 07, 2009

Kathleen Parker is an idiot (this is not a recording)

I can't believe this ar-tard actually gets paid good money to write this silly shit:

Osama is the withered and quivering Gollum -- seething with envy and nursing his precious hatred -- to Obama's robust and hope-driven Frodo. The forces of darkness and light personified.
What are you, twelve?

Kathleen then goes on to say that Obama "defused" Achmadinnerjacket with his pretty, pretty words with the following dumbassery:
He makes perfect sense in a perfectly sensible world. Most sane people want to live without the nagging threat of obliteration. And most would agree that reasonable people have the right to access nuclear power for nonviolent purposes.

But we know Iran's president to be un-sane and un-reasonable. Just the day before Obama's Cairo speech, Ahmadinejad repeated his belief that the Holocaust was a "big deception."

In his own remarks, Obama said that denying the fact of the Holocaust is "baseless," "ignorant" and "hateful." If Ahmadinejad didn't recognize himself, surely the rest of the world did, including Iranians who will vote in their country's presidential election this month.

Riiiiiiiight. First of all, I doubt the people of Iran are quite as enamored of Obama's opinions as you are. Secondly, um, the Holocaust denial thing is sort of a feature, not a bug in that particular corner of the world. Only an idiot wouldn't recognize that.

Oh, right.

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