August 27, 2009

I've read some stupid stuff in my day...

...hell, I've quoted any number of things that Kathleen Parker has scrawled over the past few months, but she looks like a genius compared to Anne Lamott, who penned this godawful piece of shit that appeared in today's LAT under the title of "Dear Mister Obama":

I am afraid there has been a misunderstanding since that election in 2008, during which 66,882,230 Americans cast their votes for you. Perhaps one of your trusted advisors has given you bum information. Maybe they told you that we voted for you -- walked, marched, prayed, fund-raised and knocked on doors for you -- because we hoped you would try to reunite the country. Of the total votes cast that long-ago November day, I'm guessing that about 1,575 people wanted you to try to reconcile the toxic bipartisanship that culminated in those Sarah Palin rallies.

The other 66,880,655 of us wanted universal healthcare.
Yes, because all but a tiny sliver of Obama's voters wanted the government to take over a massive part of our lives. I'm not saying that they shouldn't have seen that coming, but really, who appointed you to speak for all those people who believed that he was the post-partisan centrist he claimed to be, especially considering that his support among independents has been steadily eroding during this healthcacre debacle?

It goes downhill from there. Seriously. Lamott actually (and I'm not kidding here) compares Obama's relationship with congressional Republicans to a seventh grade crush of hers that didn't work out, claims that the Constitution (after eight years of Chimpy McBu$hiler, natch) seems "beyond redemption, like my kitchen floor did briefly last week after my dog, Bodhi, accidentally ate 24 corn bread muffins," and invokes "our founding parents." Yeah.

I would recommend that you read the whole thing, but you might as well just go out into your garage and huff some paint thinner. It'll give you the same effect.

Update: Well, this explains a lot...

Note the famous "compassionate head tilt."

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