August 20, 2009

Is this covered by McCain/Feingold "You shut up law?"

At about 1:30 into this movie trailer, they take a shot at Sarah Palin.

That will be playing in many, many, many theaters, all over everwhere and on DVD and Blu-Ray movies produced during a certain time and you know they'll extend that time and make sure it's included in every movie everywhere when she runs for president. That movie will be on CBS, NBC and ABC every Monday-Wednesday morning at 3 AM just so they can run that clip 24/7 in the weeks leading up to the election. Of course, NBC will just run that clip instead of infomercials during down times.
They need to make sure people think "snowbilly" when they think Sarah Palin.

So at what point is this covered under McCain/Feingold? If they can worry about Arnold movies, Teh Fred shows, Hillary documentaries, ads from me and whoever else the Supreme Court thinks it's okay to shut up, why not here?

This is a serious question. I mean, I know why, but really.
Minitru and their Hollywood arm have the biggest megaphones and spew this stuff constantly while anybody else gets muzzled.

Isn't there some way we could get the courts to at least consider that maybe, just for kicks and giggles, they could possibly, you know, conditionally, look into this too?
Maybe they could just scrap the whole the freaking thing?

Speech requires money anymore, make it free just make it open and keep it American (The money I mean).

H/t Gateway Pundit
(edited for spelling)

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