September 21, 2009

I'm sure there were plenty of anti-Fidel statements

Okay, so a bunch of Latin music stars participated in a concert called "Peace Without Borders" in Havana on Sunday, including a guy named "Juanes," who's apparently a superstar from Colombia. He had the following to say about the concert and the turnout it generated:

"For me, to see more than a million people experiencing happiness, love and peace is incredibly powerful, because what happens in politics is people become divided," Juanes told AP Television News.
See, here's the thing...While I'm sure you're talking about people being "divided" by "politics" in the sense of international relations, the ironic thing is that there are no "politics" in Cuba, seeing as how it's a one-party, autocratic state. Nobody gets to run against whoever the Communist Party chooses to stand behind for election.
Oh, and do I sense a certain pattern emerging here?
Juanes, who has won 17 Latin Grammy awards, more than any other artist, is known for his social activism. His first "Peace Without Borders" concert in 2008 drew tens of thousands to the border between Venezuela and Colombia when tensions were high over a Colombian commando raid into neighboring Ecuador that killed a leading Colombian rebel commander.
Yeah. I know nothing whatsoever about this guy, but he sounds like a pinko douche.

Make sure that if you click on the link, you note that Obama made sure to note that American policy emphasizes that Cuba should be a nation free of one-party Communist dictatorship.

[Jesus, I wish I wasn't kidding there.]

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