November 21, 2008

I sincerely doubt that he cares very much

President Bush hasn't even finished his term in office, but some people in the media can't wait to piss on his legacy:

George W. Bush is unlikely to find his name on a lot of buildings and geographical features after he becomes a former U.S. president Jan. 20.

At the moment, the 43rd president has an elementary school and road in Texas and two highways -- one in Ghana and one in the former Soviet republic of Georgia -- named after him, the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman reports.

Forgive me, but haven't we been told by the left and some people in the MSM (but of course, I repeat myself) that we've been living in a fascist, totalitarian state over the last eight years? The kind of place where our "Dear Leader" is honored with statues, streets, buildings, and even cities named in his honor? You know, like in West Virginia?

I'm fairly certain that George W. Bush will wait for the judgment of history, which usually takes quite a while.  But the fact that he doesn't have a bunch of stuff named for him already?  Damning

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