November 08, 2009

Henry Waxman To Stupak Supporters: "Thanks, But Go Away Now."

How fucking stupid were the Stupak Amendment Supporters? Did they really fucking believe that their anti-abortion measure would survive the goatse fucking and sausage making that is legislating? Good fucking grief, people! Even I could see this one coming, and to have The Nostrils of Fuckfacedness admitting that the Stupak Amendemnt will never see the light of day is extra aggravating.

“The bill, if it passes, will be up in conference with what the Senate passes, and then we will have to work there to resolve differences and to fashion one bill that we will then kick back to our respective chambers to get the president to sign after we pass it.”

In other words, the Stupak people were naive dupes and useful idiots for Pelosi. Bra-fucking-vo, assclowns! Bra-fucking-vo!

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