September 29, 2010

He "laughed"

"Look, as president, I swore to uphold the Constitution, and part of that Constitution is a free press," Obama laughed, in response to a question from Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner about whether or not Fox News was "a good institution for America and for democracy."
Okay, this is kind of not healthy for a few reasons.

Let's substitute "Obama" with "Nixon" and "Fox News" with "The New York Times." And, then, how about we wonder about liberals and the MFM (I know, I know) would react to a president being asked a question like that?

Sure, a president would laugh when confronted about a press outlet that was critical of him, but the way in which the question was posed and answered was disturbing.

I mean, here, you have the publisher of one part of the media sincerely asking about whether or not a competing (and there's no doubt here—victorious) competitor is good for democracy, and you've got the guy who we count on the most to uphold the Constitution yucking it up a little, not the least because he shares the interviewers' same prejudices.

Chimpy McBu$hitler laughing about ANY of our civil liberties being infringed upon in the slightest would be a major issue. Barry H. O'Fabulous? Not so much, apparently.

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