October 07, 2009

Get that man a vagina

Saith Excitable Andy (no link per DPUD policy):
Make your own mind up.(with link removed V) As I've said for ever, I have no idea.

The link I removed from the quote was to some site dedicated to proving that Sarah Palin is not Todd's mother or something.
That freak has a bunch of pics with different celebs at "X" months pregnant and next to one of Sarah Palin at the same time in hers proving that she wasn't pregnant and Todd gave birth to Ronald Reagan I think.

If Palin has a sense of humor, next April Fool's Day she'll write him a letter saying she's coming out for gay marriage, gays in the military and a Constitutional amendment making it illegal to discriminate against gays.
If that doesn't make his head explode nothing will.
Via Althouse

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