June 04, 2009

Everybody's least favorite "conservative" columnist at it again

But of course...

Some Internet commentary even refers to Roeder as a "Christian terrorist." Let's see: Christian, pro-gun, anti-government, pro-life. Sounds like a Republican, right? Oh, and he's suspected of being an assassin. Connect them dots.

No, it isn't fair. The GOP can't control who joins the party, and Republicans don't have a corner on random crazies. But what the Democrats have that the Republicans lack is a moderating voice to neutralize the party's more strident characters. While Democrats have Obama, Republicans are stuck with the squeakiest wheel du jour.

I'd ask where you were for the last eight years of BDS, assassination fantasies, and "random crazies", but, oh, that's right, you were hanging out with your MSM buddies. Sure, nobody actually pulled the trigger, but I'm not picturing many mourners at your DC cocktail parties had someone done so.

Also, nice to see that you're still crushing on Barry. You should invite David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, and Christopher Buckley over for a slumber party.

Oh, and take a guess as to which incident gets nary a mention in her column. None of the "more strident characters" on the left might have had an influence on that, Kathleen, would they?

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