March 19, 2010

Dire Predictions

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but...

The Healthcare bill WILL pass.  It will be signed.  Also, the Supreme Court will NOT overturn it based on the "Slaughter" situation because the Court generally will avoid any interference with how the legislative branch accomplishes its "voting" on bills.

So, I think its time we start game planning for what we do next.  Constitutionality of the insurance mandate?  State resistance?  Riot?

Update:   This comment got out of control so here it is in an update...

1)  It isn't my job to motivate you.

2)  You being motivated will have literally 0 impact on whether a bunch of crapweasel Democrats do what they want to do instead of what they think they need to do to keep their jobs.

3)  Eat my shit.

4)  If I or you or anyone in the American electorate had ANY power in the matter I'd be in front of the line screaming and fucking pushing those fucktards toward the correct decision but they have CLEARLY decided that what the public WANTS is irrelevant.  They're going for it.  The goals of the socialist party can finally be realized and if a few heads have to roll, it'll be okay.  They've set the self destruct mechanism and killed the only guy with the code. 

Its just a matter of how shiteously they rape the Constitution before they're done.  Hopefully they are egregious enough to motivate the populace into supporting a complete undoing of this piece of shit.  Probably by two years into the higher taxes with no benefits the economy will be so unbelievably fucked up that it'll be destroyed.

But this bill this week?  Passing.  Get used to the idea.  Its like when people say "Iran won't nuke us because they'll be destroyed."  That stupid statement only makes sense when Iran is a rational actor.  The Democrats, similarly, aren't rational actors so it will be equally invalid as an argument.

And if that won't stop them, then go ahead and tell me what will.  I can't think of anything we have to offer that they want more than this.

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