September 05, 2010

Dear Charlie Crist

Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you with that which you fear most: a shortage of spray tan. Fuck you for making a Democrat look classier than you. Fuck you because you are a fucking lying fuckdustery of fuckquackery and opportunism rolled up in a flaming fuckzeppelin of fuckbaggery set alight by the glowing fuck baggery you exude. And zenfuck you to enlightenment for saying shit like this after the declining health, and eventual death, of an opponent's father:

Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, now an Independent, was also in attendance and I asked him what he thought of the elder Rubio’s illness, to which he responded, ” Yeah, I heard about that.”

How fucking crass is that? How fucking callous is that? And how fucking low of a wormburner do you fucking have to be to say something like that? And how fucking big of a cockhandler do you have to be to support that shit?

Seriously, "Governor", that is fucking low. No wonder you bolted the party before the primary: you don't have the fucking decency to listen to the people of Florida and stand down when they tell you. And treating an opponent in this fashion just exemplifies it further.

So fuck you, Charlie Crist. And fuck any RINOhumping fuckrumbler who still thinks getting rid of your orange coated ass was a bad move. Seeing Senator Rubio triumphfuck what will remain of your career this November will make everything worthwhile.

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