December 09, 2009

Dear Allah Pund It In My Ass*

I only have one fucking thing to say to you after what you posted in Ace's thread last night.

Come over here and say that.  That's right, you syphilitic twat, get out of your mom's basement and say those manly fucking things within arm's reach of another human being.  It's people like you that make me wish the internet had never been invented so that low-functioning retards like you would have to suffer the viscous beating you earn every time you open your fat fucking faces. 

You see, people like atc have friends.  Fake, pretend internet friends, sure, but friends nonetheless.  You, on the other hand, have a tiny needle dick and Vesuvian sebaceous glands.  In the really real world, people that say the kinds of things you say get beaten savagely and left in a pile of their own shame and uselesness.  You're just a hateful, sexually confused coward with a great big keyboard. 

In the really real world, if you said something like that to one of my friends in my presence I'd pop every monster zit on your face with a fucking baseball bat. 

Seriously, get fucked. 

Die in a fire**,

* - Why don't we have a FUCKING OUT OF CONTROL RAGE category?
** I love that sign off.

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