June 09, 2008

Cry Me A River

I hear you pirouetting sissies on the East Coast are complaining that it is hot outside.

Boo fucking hoo. I'd say to cry me a river but the last thing we need in the Midwest is more fucking water. Over the weekend Southeastern Wisconsin (among many other places) was slammed with up to 10 inches of rain and everyone I know has had some flooding or water damage. While it is exciting to have so many opportunities to name new rivers and lakes, the damage is staggering.

Cars were fucking floating through intersections in downtown Milwaukee. They had to close the fucking freeway. This bridge in my new hometown is normally high enough above the river to make you think twice about jumping off.


But all I hear on the news is that it is a touch over 90 degrees in New York in June. Stop the fucking presses! I'm sure it was really tough going to the pool or working on your tan while I was knee deep in my friends basement on her birthday!*

Anyway, Governor Doyle (*spit*) has declared a state of emergency in 29 counties in Wisconsin due to flooding, tornado, hail and high wind damage. I personally witnessed golf-ball sized hail on Saturday. I should have some pretty fucking awesome pictures/video of the event later on today when I get access to my home computer.

Anyone from other effected areas of the midwest, feel free to send me pictures, video or stories (chaos -dot- overlord -at- gmail -dot- com) and I'll be sure to add them in here.

* Another home improvement tip from Moron Pundit: When you are in the middle of the heaviest rainfall in decades, do not unplug your sump pump. Even if the fire department instructs you to do so (no seriously) do not. Leave the fucker plugged in. For real. I'm not kidding.

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