July 18, 2010

Concern trolls

They're not just for blog comments anymore!

I hear consistently from conservatives who want The Star to write negatively about the tea party, too. One agreed the story soft-pedaled: “We used to be the party of William F. Buckley, of discourse and intellectual debate, not juvenile pranks picked up from 40 years of watching the street-theater clowns smashing windows at World Bank protests.”
That's from a Kansas City Star column by a guy named Derek Donovan, who apparently hosts a local talk radio show. It's actually part of a piece where Donovan lists responses to a previous discussion of supposed Tea Party racism, and he prints what he calls "rational and civil" criticisms of his earlier article.

I'm glad that he did so, but I'm disappointed that anyone could fall for the kind of bullshit that he fell for from the so-called "conservative" who wrote to him about the character of the Tea Partiers.

(Oh, wait, did the corespondent happen to have the initials "DF"?)

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