September 18, 2009

CJ And Kilgore Trout Are (Stupid) Racists

Charles Johnson is the first person to associate the dissemination of racist writings with the actual, horrible racism of the individual.  Therefore, anyone that would engage in or condone the production of dozens of racist comments would have to be racist.  

Charles Johnson.  You're a racist. 

Charles Johnson.  You're a racist. 

Charles Johnson.  You're a racist. 

Enjoying that? 

Props to Eddie for the FaceCock

Also, you're fucking retarded.  See, last time I checked "wookie" was not a racist code word until you and your buddies started  making up new ways to insult the black man.  What a terribly racist thing to do.

Anyway, I do not accept the usurpation of the word Wookie for racist uses.  That's right, I'm taking it back. 

From now on Lizardoid means racist as far as I'm concerned and Lizardoids aren't welcome.  

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