September 13, 2008

Bad news, guys

It looks like we've lost a very important demographic—the washed-up, has-been actress vote:

Don’t get me started. She’s the anti-Wonder Woman. She’s judgmental and dictatorial, telling people how they’ve got to live their lives. And a superior religious self-righteousness … that’s just not what Wonder Woman is about. Hillary Clinton is a lot more like Wonder Woman than Mrs. Palin. She did it all, didn’t she?

No one has the right to dictate, particularly in this country, to force your own personal views upon the populace — religious views. I think that is suppressive, oppressive, and anti-American. We are the loyal opposition. That’s the whole point of this country: freedom of speech, personal rights, personal freedom. Nor would Wonder Woman be the person to tell people how to live their lives. Worry about your own life! Worry about your own family! Don’t be telling me what I want to do with mine.

I like John McCain. But this woman — it’s anathema to me what she stands for. I think America should be very afraid. Very afraid. Separation of church and state is the one thing the creators of the Constitution did agree on — that it wasn’t to be a religious government. People should feel free to speak their minds about religion but not dictate it or put it into law.

Yes, foax, that's Lynda Carter, teevee's Wonder Woman, who has apparently lost her fucking mind and imagines that Sarah Palin is some kind of female Christian Ayatollah, ready to replace the Constitution with the Ten Commandments or some such retarded fever dream.

You can go back to obscurity now, Lynda. We'll let you know sometime in the next twenty or so years if we'd like to hear your opinion.


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