April 14, 2010

Abuse of power in Maryland

Guy on his motorcycle was speeding and gets busted...by a police officer who is in an unmarked car with no lights or siren, wearing no uniform, shows no badge, and draws his sidearm the second he gets out of the car, and doesn't ID himself as police for several seconds.  There's a police cruiser coming up behind him at the last second. 

Blocking someone off with your car like that, failing to ID yourself as police and drawing your weapon the second you step out of the vehicle is a damn good way to get yourself killed, whether that's getting shot by someone with a carry permit or run down by the driver.  Naturally, instead of taking this as a hint to put a muzzle on Officer Aggro McJackass, the Maryland State Police are threatening the motorcyclist with charges of illegal wiretapping/recording, because he had a helmet cam on, and recorded the whole thing, which found its way on teh intarwebs.

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