August 26, 2009

A tribute to Ted Kennedy

As much as I disagreed with Kennedy I have to admit that he accomplished a great deal in his life and career and he should be remembered for his accomplishments on this the day of his death:

  • He was born
  • Got thrown out of Harvard for cheating
  • Used his father's political clout to keep him out of combat in Korea (would later criticize George W. Bush for supposedly using his father's political clout to stay out of the war in Vietnam)
  • Cheated on his wife repeatedly
  • Had a Senate seat bought for him by his father
  • Swam away from a campaign worker who was trapped in a submerged car, then went home and slept for 10 hours while she slowly asphyxiated before calling the police.  Lied at the inquiry and escaped all but the lightest punishment.
  • Abandoned South Vietnam to a brutal communist dictatorship.
  • Attempted to work with the USSR to bring down an American president.
  • Abandoned Nicaragua to a brutal communist dictatorship
  • Used his political influence in a rape case against his nephew.

and that's just what I can remember off the top of my head.  Truly Kennedy was a man of many accomplishments. 

In light of his huge body of work is naming a health care reform bill after him really enough? 

I don't think so!

In that vein I would like to suggest that we start a foundation to raise money to build the Edward Kennedy Memorial Waterpark in Chappaquidick.  The centerpiece can be a waterslide that you descend in locked car that smells of booze and cigars and has an attractive female passenger.  After the car submerges you get to swim to shore while leaving her behind.

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