December 06, 2009

A Message To Jim Big Fucking Pussy Oswald, Awesome Internet Critic

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck You. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Fuck you three ways from tomorrow with a jockstrap soaked in liquid heat tied to a supercharged pogo stick. You fucking don't like what we have to offer here? Fine. Offer suggestions. Tell us what we are doing wrong. Point out our fucking flaws. But don't fucking come over here, throw shit like that around, and then run away, you big fucking pussy. Be a fucking man and stand by your comments.

Seriously, Jim Big Fucking Pussy Oswald, my four year old daughter and my wife probably have more fucking balls than you. At least when they insult my friends, pursuits, or me, they provide a reason and a solution. You? You fucking Archduke of Assgrabbingdicksnigglin,  you come here, and don't offer any fucking suggestions. How fucking weak is that?

Even though this isn't my site, I would hope that the proprietor, Mr. DPUD himself, would cordially invite you to return, so that you can improve his site. If not that, then at least go stick a herpes infected hedgehog up your ass if you don't.

So fuck off, Jim Big Fucking Pussy Oswald. Fuck off with new guttering.

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