October 22, 2008

My Final Word on Wardrobegate

It comes from Lisa Schiffren:

Had she been a creature of Washington, Palin would have had closet full of suits, unexciting, perhaps, but appropriate. Had she been a former First Lady running for president, whose husband has raked in $109 million in the last 8 years, she could have called Oscar de la Renta, and and [sic] had him come for a fitting.


Instead, she had zero time and no personal fortune. And she faced the terrible hurdle of being young and attractive — the very sort of woman who most desperately needs wardrobe cues to make her look authoritative. If she had had to pay for it herself, she could not have run. The bill would have been ruinous to a genuinely middle class person. So the GOP did what it had to do in order to put a non-rich woman on a national ticket. Whatever one thinks of the choice — and I am a supporter — it's nice to see that someone was thinking about the details. The difference between Palin at the announcement in Dayton, and Palin at the convention was a subtle but impressive transformation. Subtle always costs more. As a sometime GOP donor, I begrudge her none of it.

Perhaps Palin should have shown up in off-the-rack digs from Nordstrom's, but (as Schiffren says) would that have conveyed the authority of a Vice President or President?  Doubtful.  The pictures of Palin in the Malkin post linked earlier are very appealing, but you can't exactly show up to a state dinner in your North Face fleece and your jogging shoes. 

(Do you think that DPUD knew the blog would devolve into a femmy fashion blog so soon after inviting both alexthechick and me on board?  I think we feed off each other.  It's like a dorkier version of Go Fug Yourself.)

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