July 31, 2008

LAT opinion piece on the burger ban

There's a good opinion piece on the South L.A. fast food ban (discussed earlier here and here) in the Los Angeles Times today. Local talk radio host Joe Hicks gets right to the point:

[City Council member Jan] Perry and her colleagues seem to believe that the only way to save people from themselves is to have government slap food from the hands of poor black and brown residents in her district. There is no disagreement that obesity and diabetes are a disproportionate problem in the South L.A. neighborhoods her moratorium targets. However, the culprit for this problem is not as clear as she and her allies would have us believe. The prevailing attitude at City Hall seems to be that government has an answer for all things. It does not, and government's intrusions into the daily lives of citizens as well as constant meddling in the affairs of business often cause more harm than good.
Hicks gives Perry some credit for supporting the opening of a nonunion Fresh & Easy grocery store in the neighborhood, but there's more FAIL there, as "union and community activists have done everything they could to prevent the store from opening." You. Just. Can't. Win.

(Via the comments here.)

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