November 10, 2009

Why, yes, apologizing for landing on the moon IS next

Moonbattery, indeed.

When a NASA spacecraft rammed into the moon in October, it tossed up a hard-to-see plume of lunar material.

But the event also stirred an observable cloud of public anxiety and protests in some quarters about "bombing" the moon, a backlash that may hint at a rising "Friends of the Moon" movement.
In the Huffington Post, screenwriter Amy Ephron called it "NASA's own version of shock and awe" and put in motion a "Help Save the Moon" Twitter Page in the hope that readers "can convince NASA not to try any further experiments of this kind," she wrote.
The Chicago Surrealist Movement put its muscle behind a "Stop NASA From Bombing the Moon" campaign...In this case, the moon petition tagged the NASA experiment as "a hostile act of aggression and a violent intrusion upon our closest and dearest celestial neighbor."

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