December 30, 2009

Nothing Makes Me Happier Than Seeing Hippies Suffer

Fuck you, you filthy hippies. Fuck you with your hemp sandals, a washcloth and the bar of soap you have been neglecting in favor of your bong water and patchouli stink. Fuck you for trying to force that whole peace, love, and vegetarianism bullshit on us. Fuck you for tie dye and hacky sack. Fuck you for your awful taste in clothing and Ravi Shankar music. And fuck you for your stupid rituals, especially this one.

Investigators found traces of anthrax on two African drums and an electrical outlet in the room where the event took place, Dr. Talbot said, and are theorizing that the woman swallowed spores that were aerosolized by the drumming. The state has not identified the woman because of privacy concerns.

Dr. Talbot said the anthrax detected on the drums was a naturally occurring strain that frequently appears in soil. Animals that ingest contaminated soil can pass the disease to people who handle their hides. Most of the drums at the session were made with animal hides, she said.

Although it is unlikely that others who attended the drumming session will contract the disease, Dr. Talbot said, the state is offering antibiotics and vaccines to all of them as a precautionary measure. It is also providing the treatment to about 20 students who live at the United Campus Ministry building, which is not part of the university but invites students to its events.

“This is an unusual and highly complex investigation,” Dr. Talbot said, adding that the state was still awaiting results on other drums that had been tested.

The ministry advertised the Dec. 4 event on its Web site as a drum circle and pasta supper. Julie Corey, a drumming teacher who led the session, said the victim had danced that night instead of drumming. “She was the first to get up and dance,” Ms. Corey recalled, adding that she thought the woman was a graduate student at another college. “She’s a vital young woman, from what I’ve seen of her — a strong-spirited person.”

Not strong enough, I guess.

And yes, I am an awful person for laughing at the pain of a hippie. I am laughing at how fucking stupid they are. I am laughing at the fact that their stupid rituals lead to mishaps such as this. And I am laughing at their self-righteousness. And to absolve myself of my awfulness, I will eat an entire cow wrapped around a pig wrapped around a turkey that has been giving the Ass to Ass treatment to a duck. Then, I will wash it down with a gallon of whiskey, burn a few tires, and then have some "alone time" with my clean and drug free wife.




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December 22, 2009

Fuck You, Build A Bear Workshop!

Seriously, fuck you. At this juncture, I am tempted to tell my daughter that a giant, surly teddy bear will eat her if she sets foot in this store again.



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I Guess Unicorn Droppings Will Be The Alternative Energy Of Choice

What does it say about the state of "Green" Energy and their enablers in Congress that they don't even want this shit in their own states?

This quote from RFK Jr. is so chock full dickfistery and assfishiness, it makes me simultaneously laugh and chuckle at how retarded and truly contemptuous that side of the aisle is about Green stuff, other peoples' property and business rights, and their deep down true intentions.

This is arguably the best solar land in the world, and Senator Feinstein shouldn’t be allowed to take this land off the table without a proper and scientific environmental review,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the environmentalist and a partner with a venture capital firm that invested in a solar developer called BrightSource Energy. In September, BrightSource canceled a large project in the monument area.

Emphasis mine.

I am not a smart man, but my reading of this quote is that RFK Jr is pissed because he couldn't make a mint off of a wind farm and not really giving a shit about the environment. But that's just me.


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December 21, 2009

These guys should team up with PETA.

Did you know that, if you have a dog, it's worse for the environment than your SUV?  That's the conclusion of the authors of "Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living".  They even asked some UK scientists to back it up, because right now, there's nothing that we trust more than a UK scientist talking about the environment.

The Vales, specialists in sustainable living at Victoria University of Wellington, analysed popular brands of pet food and calculated that a medium-sized dog eats around 164 kilos (360 pounds) of meat and 95 kilos of cereal a year.

Combine the land required to generate its food and a "medium" sized dog has an annual footprint of 0.84 hectares (2.07 acres) -- around twice the 0.41 hectares required by a 4x4 driving 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) a year, including energy to build the car.

To confirm the results, the New Scientist magazine asked John Barrett at the Stockholm Environment Institute in York, Britain, to calculate eco-pawprints based on his own data. The results were essentially the same.

"Owning a dog really is quite an extravagance, mainly because of the carbon footprint of meat," Barrett said.

Other animals aren't much better for the environment, the Vales say.

Cats have an eco-footprint of about 0.15 hectares, slightly less than driving a Volkswagen Golf for a year, while two hamsters equates to a plasma television and even the humble goldfish burns energy equivalent to two mobile telephones.

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December 19, 2009

Just another reason to hate cap-'n'-tax

In case the idea of having your electric bill jacked way up and losing thousands of jobs in an all ready strapped economy wasn't quite enough to convince you that cap-and-trade is a terrible idea that just leads to more taxes, we have this delightful story from Europe:

In a statement released last week, the Europol police agency said Europe's cap-and-trade system has been the victim of organized crime during the past 18 months, resulting in losses of roughly $7.4 billion. The agency, headquartered in the Netherlands, estimated that in some countries up to 90 percent of the entire market volume was caused by fraudulent activities.

"These criminal activities endanger the credibility of the European Union Emission Trading System and lead to the loss of significant tax revenue for governments," Rob Wainwright, Europol's director, said in a statement.

Launched in 2005, the Emission Trading System seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions -- which many scientists believe contribute to global warming -- by allocating carbon pollution allowances to member states to fulfill its obligations under the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol. Companies that emit less than their allowance can sell the difference on the trading market to firms that exceed their established limits.

But, according to a diagram of these scheme provided by Europol officials, the accused traders would open an account in a national carbon registry and then purchased emission allowances without value added taxes from other companies in other countries. Those allowances were then transferred to the country where they were registered before the accused trader moves them to an unregulated broker, selling the allowances on a trading exchange, often through various buffer companies. Finally, the accused trader charges the value added tax on the transaction but does not submit that money to authorities.

Is it just me, or is this the equivilent of money-laundering?  Way to fail, as usual, EU.

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December 16, 2009

"I'm freezing my ass off out here!"

Three guesses as to which Northern European city "here" refers to, and the first two don't count.

Hey, how's about a little music while you wait out there in the, um, cold?

If you dance around a little, it'll help you to stay warm. But try to hold your breath while you do so. That carbon dioxide you're exhaling is some seriously dangerous shit. Hell, I bet you can even see it leaving your mouth and nose, polluting our precious atmosphere.

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December 15, 2009

DOE Ordering All CRU Related Files Preserved?

This could be big.

Thanks to davis, br.

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December 14, 2009

Copenhagen Talks "Suspended". Hippies And Socialists Hardest Hit.


Negotiations at the UN climate summit have been suspended after developing countries withdrew their co-operation.

Delegations were angry at what they saw as moves by the Danish host government to sideline talks on more emission cuts under the Kyoto Protocol.

As news spread around the conference centre, activists chanted “We stand with Africa – Kyoto targets now”.

Informal talks continue, and the UN climate convention head said the formal agenda should resume in the afternoon.

Blocs representing poor countries vulnerable to climate change have been adamant that rich nations must commit to emission cuts beyond 2012 under the Kyoto Protocol. 

But the EU and the developed world in general has promoted the idea of an entirely new agreement, replacing the protocol.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

*****CRITICAL UPDATE1!!1!1!!1***** Car-in sent over this awesome link from WUWT. Enjoy, and thanks.

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Ten minutes of pure awesome

I'm ripping this off from Hot Air because it's the perfect encapsulation of the ridiculousness of the entire Global Warmerist worldview religion.

"So, my concern here is that you are campaigning about something which, if you will forgive me, you appear to know absolutely nothing about."

I'm pretty sure pro wrestling just lost the rights to the word "smackdown."

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More AGW Alarmist Dirty Tricks?

Well, it certainly looks like it.

You know. I am starting to get the feeling the AGW Alarmists may have been massaging their data and pulling dirty tricks to get their point established.

But that's just me.

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December 11, 2009

AGW Alarmist Not A Fan Of "Truth To Power" When He Is The Power

University of Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider, friend of Al Gore and AGW alarmist, is not fond of answering questions about "Climategate" and assorted other Global Warming facts that are not from friendly channels. And Phelim McAleer definitely would fall into the "not friendly" camp. McAleer asked a few "Inconvenient" questions of the good professor, and you can see what resulted.

During some testy exchanges with McAleer, UN officials and Professor Schneider’s assistants twice tried to cut short McAleer’s question.

However as the press conference drew to a close Professor Schneider’s assistant called armed UN security guards to the room. They held McAleer and aggressively ordered cameraman Ian Foster to stop filming. The guard threatened to take away the camera and expel the film crew from the conference if they did not obey his instructions to stop filming Professor Schneider.

The guard demanded to look at the film crews press credentials and refused to allow them to film until Professor Schneider left the room.
McAleer said he was disappointed by Professor Schneider’s behaviour.

“It was a press conference. Climategate is a major story – it goes to the heart of the Global Warming debate by calling into question the scientific data and the integrity of many scientists involved.”

“These questions should be answered. The attempts by UN officials and Professor Schneider’s assistant to remove my microphone were hamfisted  but events took a more sinister turn when they called an armed UN security officer to silence a journalist.”

Two officers corralled the film crew and one officer can be seen on tape threatening the cameraman. The Guard can also be heard warning that if the crew did not stop filming their would seize the equipment and the journalists expelled from the conference.

McAleer says he has made an official complaint tabout the incident.

“I have met Mr Christopher Ankerson the UN’s head of security for the conference and he has confirmed it was Professor Schneider’s staff who asked the security guards to come corral us at the press conference. Mr Ankerson could not say what grounds the security guard had for ordering us to stop filming.”

“This is a blatant attempt to stop journalists doing journalism and asking hard questions. It is not the job of armed UN security officers to stop legitimate journalists asking legitimate questions of senior members of the UN’s IPCC.”

Professor Schneider was interviewed for McAleer’s “Not Evil Just Wrong” documentary but lawyers later wrote to McAleer saying he was withdrawing permission for the interview to be used.

McAleer, who is from Ireland, has gained quite a reputation for asking difficult questions of those who have been promoting the idea of man-made Global Warming.

Professor, here is my message to you:


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December 10, 2009

Save the planet - kill a tree

As the proud owner of not one, but two fake trees, imagine my sorrow joy when I learned that I am contributing to killing the planet!  (My two SUVs probably contribute, too.)

 It may not sound like "tree-hugging," but cutting down a real tree for Christmas is actually greener than going with the artificial kind, one scientist says.

 "It is a little counterintuitive to people," said Clint Springer, a biologist at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.


 Live trees actively photosynthesize as they grow from saplings, which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. After they have been cut and Christmas is over, they're usually chipped for mulch. As mulch, the bits of tree very slowly decompose, releasing carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. So in the end, a real Christmas tree is carbon neutral, putting the same amount of carbon dioxide back into the air as it took out (albeit much more slowly).

 The tree farms that grew the trees also replant after the trees are cut.

 Artificial trees, on the other hand, don't come out even in the carbon balance. Petroleum is used to make the plastics in the trees and lots of carbon dioxide-creating energy is required to make and transport them.

 Because these trees just end up in landfills after a few years' use, "those greenhouse gases are lost forever," Springer said. "There's really no opportunity to recycle those."

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Remember When Obama Claimed To Love "Shovel Ready" Jobs?

Yeah. Me too. Of course, tell that to these 500 coal miners.

A Pittsburgh-based coal company, CONSOL Energy, will lay off nearly 500 of its West Virginia workers next year and its CEO blames environmentalists dead-set against mountaintop mining who have waged “nuisance” lawsuits for the job loss.

But CONSOL Energy’s political problems are not unique to the mining industry, which has suffered under the Obama Administration. The Environmental Protection Agency is already holding 79 surface mining permits in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. The EPA says these permits could violate the Clean Water Act and warrant “enhanced” review. And, agency went even further in October, announcing plans to revoke a permit for the Spruce No. 1 Mine in West Virginia.

The latest setback for the coal industry was announced on Tuesday when CONSOL Energy said close to 500 workers would lose jobs at their Fola Operations location near Bickmore, West Virginia in February 2010.

Hope & Change, baby! Hope & Change!

You know, I am starting to get the feeling that Obama really is not serious about saving jobs not tied to his political ambitions. But that's just me.

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December 08, 2009

But What About The Carbon Dioxide?

This is actually really fucking cool, but I can't post this article without poking some fun at the environmentalist groups that have decided that carbon dioxide is Enemy Of The State Number One, and that all of your silly breathing in and out is killing teh earth.  Using some sort of crazy super-science, some guys from Stanford made a battery out of paper.

How amazing!  With the correct application, we could make cloth batteries and paper batteries and your hybrid could guzzle paper instead of fuel.

Wait - wait a minute.  Someone just told me that paper is made of trees.  So, to create green, sustainable energy, they want to cut down trees?  I guess the good thing is that with all the carbon credit schemes, ManBearPig and his cronies have planted groves of trees all over the earth that we can cut down.  Unfortunately, that means fewer trees to convert the poison that we filthy humans dare to exhale back into oxygen.

So, if I were a global warmer, I would assume that we're all fucked.  No matter what we do, we're going to fail.

So, fuck you, paper batteries.  I hate you.

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Sure we'll destroy our economy and reduce our carbon output by 34%.

Just pay us.

South Africa has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 34% by 2020, but says it will need financial aid from developed countries to do so.

Probably a pretty awesome, if cynical move on their part if you ask me.  Volunteer to sign up for the Western ruling class's favorite pet project and they'll be sure to send a few bucks your way.  Why, they'd probably give you enough money to pay for the massive, devastating collapse of your economy. 

Wait, what?  You barely have an economy?  Well, then double fucking awesome-sauce!  You'd be stupid not to!

And this, of course, is why I haven't been posting lately.  Because when I get to this point of the post about environmentalism I wish I had a "fuck" button on my keyboard.  It is all so ludicrous and dishonest and fucking evil I just can't understand that it is really happening.

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December 04, 2009

Well, Maybe The Copenhagen Summit Has One Good Thing Going For It

Free Sex?

Copenhagen Council and Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard have sent postcards out to 160 Copenhagen hotels urging COP15 guests and delegates to ‘Be sustainable – don’t buy sex’.

“Dear hotel owner, we would like to urge you not to arrange contacts between hotel guests and prostitutes,” the approach to hotels says.

Copenhagen prostitutes are up in arms at the project saying that the council has no business meddling in their affairs, and have now offered free sex to anyone who can produce one of the offending postcards and their COP15 identity card, according to

According to the report, the move has been organized by the Sex Workers Interest Group (SIO).

“This is sheer discrimination. Ritt Bjerregaard is abusing her position as Lord Mayor in using her power to prevent us carrying out our perfectly legal job. I don’t understand how she can be allowed to contact people in this way,” SIO Spokeswoman Susanne Møller tells

Thanks to Alice

And while you are at it, go over to Soylent Green. He has a link to some funny alarmism awesomeness.

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December 03, 2009

Global Warmer = Douchebag

Be warned: there is math in this post!  However, the math is used to prove that liberals are douchebags, so there's that.

The climate meeting is Copenhagen is all the rage these days.  Leave it to teh enemy, Fox News, to point out that Copenhagen is going to leave one hell of a nasty carbon footprint.  How nasty of a carbon footprint, you ask?  A whopping 40,584 tons of carbon dioxide, Fox News answers!

Now, I love my mother, and I don't want her to think that her life as a math teacher was wasted, so I'm going to go ahead and prove that all that basic math she taught me is something I can use in every day life - so, let's break that down, shall we?  (Yes, here is where the forewarned math comes in.  Deep breaths.)

There are 16,500 delegates, reporters, and assorted crazies attending Copenhagen for 12 days.  So:

40,584 tons of carbon dioxide / 16,500 people / 12 days = .2 tons per person per day

Now.  From what I've been able to find, the average American person has a carbon footprint of approximately 23 tons of carbon dioxide per year.  So:

23 tons of carbon dioxide / 1 person / 365 days = .06 tons per person per day

That's an increase of 333% (that's right, three hundred and thirty three percent) per day over the average American's contribution to the fist-fucking of Gaia. 

Way to increase my awareness by killing the planet further.  I'm so proud.

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Tonight, I Plan To Start A Tire Fire With DDT Laced Vinyl Siding As Kindling In Celebration

Yup. As the green goof scammery and flimflammery is crumbling and wilting faster than Keith Olbermann around a woman, Manbearpig, the High Priest Of Hucksterism, is bailing on his commitments at Copenhagen.

Oh, and Enviroweenies:



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