May 27, 2010

Just When You Couldn't Believe That Europe Could Get Any Stupider

They go ahead and amp to imbecile up to eleven.

The draft Commission document raises the possibility of trade wars by suggesting EU industries could be protected by imposing border tariffs on imported goods from non-EU countries with less stringent emission controls. The tariffs would be introduced with a requirement for importers to buy emissions permits.

Oh, this should end well.

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May 23, 2010

Are You There, Gaia? It's Me, Algore

I should not be surprised that the left would want to hide and block any references to how awful their plans would be and are for this country. But this really set me off.

And here is my take and message to the left:

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May 15, 2010

I Guess Charles Johnson Was Always A Greenie After All

Hell, this recently discovered tape of him when he was a backup guitar player and spouting leftist tripe was recently discovered.


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O, Canada

Well played, for once.

Now, let's talk about your "Hate Crimes" and "Thought Crimes" tribunals.

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May 05, 2010

Ecotards ecotarding

So the puppy blender has a link to some eco-blog with the surprising headline that supporting electric vehicles is a waste of gov't money.
I had to click because it made me have to question my own preconceptions that led me to agree with eco-tards.
The first paragraph didn't help.
Of course, it's all speculation for now because it's hard to determine the EVs' actual impact until they take to the streets and long-term studies can be conducted.

Ummmmmm. No.
You can check each vehicle's impact and I bet it will be very negative if they allow anything approaching a fair look.
First, batteries are very polluting and energy intensive to make and even more polluting to dispose of. Even recycling them is very polluting.

So making the vehicles is very polluting and very bad. Toxic elements from making batteries gets into the water table and hurt people for years to come.
Strike 1.

Second, we are not very efficient at utilizing energy.
Using petrol we lose a lot of the energy it has stored.
The exhaust from the engine contains unburnt petrol and noise and heat are also inefficiencies.
With electric cars we lose it turning the gas into electricity, then we lose it in transmission to where you would charge your car and then we lose it in charging the battery and then, well, our batteries aren't all that efficient either.
Strike 2
So we need more energy input to get the same output at the vehicle and we have extra-polluting batteries to make and dispose of.

The conclusion of the article makes me feel much better as they totally reject the premise of the headline.
My favorite line from the article
Whether you believe Resch or not, we know EVs have environmental benefits regardless of where the electricity comes.

I'll translate from eco-tard:
Damn the facts, I know what I know. he even mentions hydro-power as a clean way to make electricity.
He's obviously never been to Niagara, NY. Do a search for Love Canal if you don't remember.
Niagara, on the US side, has a chemical stench that you get used to after a day or so. It's not pleasant.

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