August 25, 2009

The Toyota Prius Needs To Be Destroyed For The Good Of The Planet

Well, at least if you pay attention to this video, which shows it is worse for the planet than a BMW M3.

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Once Again, The Green Goofs Prove How Stupid They Really Are

Seriously, you flaming bags of stupid might want to research some of your work before trying to "save" the rivers, mmmkay?

Oh, and an extra heaping of civic pride on my part, as my home state proves once again how retarded we really are.

The law was intended to reduce the floating debris from abandoned foam coolers in the state's waterways. But lawmakers, apparently a little rusty with chemistry, barred the wrong plastic.

The white foam coolers commonly called "Styrofoam" are made from expanded polystyrene. But the law bars polypropylene. That's a plastic found in things like dishwasher-safe plastic containers but not usually used to ferry drinks down a river.

The mix up means river floaters can use foam coolers without fear. But someone caught with a dishwasher-safe plastic container could risk up to a year in jail.

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August 23, 2009

Stupid Hippies Need A Punch In The Face, Vol. 281,192,811

What a shock this piece of crap idea comes from some idiots in the Bay Area.

Medicinal drumming, formerly called “therapeutic drumming,” is a decade-old practice based on centuries­-­old wisdom, and is being used in The City to keep at-risk youths out of gangs and help trauma victims face their demons, among other uses, the city report said.

The practice was developed by Sal Nunez, a psychologist and professor at City College of San Francisco who has earned national acclaim for the holistic approach. He holds circles to treat trauma victims, and also hosts them for youths and adults in need of psychological counseling.

“It’s a really strong, good therapy that’s been very helpful in keeping kids off the street,” said Public Health spokeswoman Eileen Shields.

“Repetitive patterns influence brainwave activity,” Nunez said. “If a person is susceptible to seizures or perhaps psychosis or has been significantly traumatized, repetitive patterns can trigger some of that.”

The medical community is buying into the practice. Just recently, Nunez’ therapeutic drumming was recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as a “culturally appropriate” and clinically proven practice.

As much as I love to mock stupidity line by line, this one is so idiotic, I am just going to mention that these rump rangers are so fucking stupid, stupid called them to tell them to stop giving stupid a bad name and leave it at that.

And you want therapy? How about guns, booze, cigars, pr0n, and kick ass music? That ever occur to you, Doctor Dipshit? Just for that, here is something that will make you wet your chinos and cry to your drumset:


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August 19, 2009

Shocka! Enviro-weenie Policies Not Popular In Enviro-weenie Strongholds

Yeah, color me shocked. And what is doubly impressive is how the folks in Seattle recently treated attempts to raise the costs of being green.

Plastic bag makers have lobbied hard to defeat the fee, outspending opponents about 15 to 1.

Adam Parmer, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop the Seattle Bag Tax, said the results show the bag fee was "a costly, unnecessary tax" and the wrong approach to changing behavior.

"Seattle voters have made it clear that this is not the approach they want to take in protecting the environment," he said.

Supporters argue the fee would encourage more reusable bags, cut down on pollution and waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"This campaign is about much more than just one decision of the voters," said Rob Gala, a spokesman for Seattle Green Bag campaign, which backed the fee. "It's really about raising the awareness of voters, and we've really accomplished that."{yeah, to the tune of getting your sissy ass kicked all over Seattle-ed.}

Also in Seattle, unpopular Mayor Greg Nickels was narrowly trailing two challengers in his bid for a third term. Sierra Club activist Mike McGinn has a slim lead with 27 percent of the vote. Cell phone executive Joe Mallahan has 26 percent, while Nickels has 25 percent. The top two finishers will advance to the November Election.

Nickels, while prominent nationally for his initiatives to make the city greener, has been dogged locally by criticism of a sometimes heavy-handed style and of the city's {shitty-ed.} response to a December snowstorm that paralyzed Seattle for nearly two weeks.

I may have played around with this article just a bit.

What a shock that green intiatives are not very popular when people have to face up to the costs of them.


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August 12, 2009

Michigan, youse guys elected this imbecile? Srsly?!

Since when did science get all touchy-feely

Hey village idiot, if you believe so strongly in global
warming, why do you have a plastic water bottle there?

"Climate change is very real," [Senator Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.)] confessed as she embraced cap and trade's massive tax increase on Michigan industry - at the same time claiming, against all the evidence, that it would not lead to an increase in manufacturing costs or energy prices. "Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I'm flying. The storms are more volatile. We are paying the price in more hurricanes and tornadoes."

Of course, this makes as much sense as every other bit of global warming 'science'.

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August 09, 2009

Hooray for climate change!

I don't think the leftards who declared climate change to be of such devastating impact that it could require global military intervention considered the upside: this means we need to grow our military!  Especially given that it looks like we might have to deploy to the Middle East on a large scale - that in itself is probably good for doubling our military funding.  I bet those stupid congressmen who killed the F-22 funding feel like idjits now!

On a side note, WTF is going on with our hurricane season this year?  I thought things were only supposed to get worse after Katrina...

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August 06, 2009

Today's Dose Of Enviro-Weenie Stupidity

Greenies want to fight power production in England using unique methods.

Tesco is sending 5,000 tons of leftover meat a year to be burned to generate electricity for homes, it emerged yesterday.

The supermarket disposes of enough meat that has passed its sell-by date to power 600 homes for a year through the National Grid.

Other major supermarkets plan to follow suit. But animal rights campaigners yesterday said many homeowners would be 'horrified' to learn that their electricity was generated by the 'macabre' recycling scheme {oh, so these shitstains now oppose recycling? Good to know-ed.}.

Tesco has hailed the scheme as part of a 'green' drive which had enabled it to stop sending any of the waste it produces to environmentally damaging landfill sites {And what about the meat? Maybe we should just have Tesco throw rotten meat at the hippies. That would be a fitting.catharsis for my Punch a Hippie habit.-ed.}.

But the campaigners said the environmental benefits were far outweighed by the greenhouse gases produced by all the extra animals unnecessarily reared {he said "reared". Snicker-ed}for slaughter in the first place.

Ok, fuck you right there. What the fuck are Brits going to use to fuel their homes? If not rotten meat, what else? Oh, that's right. They have a shitload of oil in their own backyard, but the armpit raping fabulously foreskinned  assmaggots in the Gaia movement are doing everything they can to fuck this up worse than the final exam at Ted Kennedy's Driving and Scuba Diving School.

Oh well. But at least we have wind power. That's awesomely safe, right? Right?

Uh, no.

At the heart of Dr Pierpont's findings is that humans are affected by low-frequency noise and vibrations from wind turbines through their ear bones, rather like fish and other amphibians. That humans have the same sensitivity as fish is based on new discoveries made by scientists at Manchester University and New South Wales last year. This, she claims, overturns the medical orthodoxy of the past 70 years on which acousticians working for wind farms are using to base their noise measurements. "It has been gospel among acousticians for years that if a person can't hear a sound, it's too weak for it to be detected or registered by any other part of the body," she said. "But this is no longer true. Humans can hear through the bones. This is amazing. It would be heretical if it hadn't been shown in a well-conducted experiment."

In the UK, Dr Christopher Hanning, founder of the British Sleep Society, who has also backed her research, said: "Dr Pierpont's detailed recording of the harm caused by wind turbine noise will lay firm foundations for future research. It should be required reading for all planners considering wind farms. Like so many earlier medical pioneers exposing the weaknesses of current orthodoxy, Dr Pierpont has been subject to much denigration and criticism and ... it is tribute to her strength of character and conviction that this important book is going to reach publication."

Dr Pierpont's thesis, which is to be published in October by K-Selected Books, has been peer reviewed and includes an endorsement from Professor Lord May, former chief scientific adviser to the UK government. Lord May describes her research as "impressive, interesting and important".

Her new material about the impact of turbine noise on health will be of concern to the Government given its plans for about 4,000 new wind turbines across the country. Ed Miliband, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, has made wind power a central part of his new green policy to encourage renewable energy sources. Another 3,000 are planned off-shore.

Drawing on the early work of Dr Amanda Harry, a British GP in Portsmouth who had been alerted by her patients to the potential health risk, Dr Pierpont gathered together 10 further families from around the world who were living near large wind turbines, giving her a cluster of 38 people, from infants to age 75, to explore the pathophysiology of WTS for the case series. Eight of the 10 families she analysed for the study have now moved away from their homes.

Uh-oh. Fucking imbeciles. This makes me want to go and throw a car battery into a lake just to spite these fools.



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