April 25, 2010

Today Is "Proof That Leftism Kills People" Day

Actually, today is World Malaria Day. And some do gooder told me today that for a few bucks, I can help pay for a tent to help keep some African child free of the mosquitoes that spread malaria.

Well, I am all for saving a child's life, and if a tent helps in the process, all well and good. But I know of something that works better. Something that the eco assholes had banned from junk science and conjecture (gee, junk science and conjecture fucking things up in the name of some phony altruistic good? That can't happen, can it?). That thing?


Yup. You fucking eco assholes helped spread death and despair in Africa by getting DDT banned, primarily from a stupid fucking book. How do you feel, green goatses? You fucking happy that people are dying from a disease that could easily not be killing people, save your stupid fucking stupidity?

Or, do you not fucking care? Are the deaths of countless poor Africans worth some sketchy bullshit "science"? If that is the case, you lefties are fucking disgusting fucks. And you deserve to get fucked up your limp dicks with the very malaria spreading mosquitoes you helped protect by your bullshit.

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