June 25, 2008

The irony is that the convention will be filled with green douchebags

The Democratic National Committee had hoped that this year's nominating convention would set a new standards for environmentally friendliness. The only problem is that outside the base of the Democratic Party, there isn't any demand for the things they want:

The host committee for the Democratic National Convention wanted 15,000 fanny packs for volunteers. But they had to be made of organic cotton. By unionized labor. In the USA.

Official merchandiser Bob DeMasse scoured the country. His weary conclusion: "That just doesn't exist."

Damn those greedy industrialists for only producing goods when there is a market for them. You see, this is why we need Barack Obama. However, I think even liberals will agree that the real crime here is that they were planning on giving out fanny packs. I'm from a place where people still think mullets are rockin' and I know that's a fashion no-no.


***Thanks for the link, Pilgrim!  Make sure to check out the rest of doubleplusundead to see what we're cookin' up.

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