December 08, 2009

Sure we'll destroy our economy and reduce our carbon output by 34%.

Just pay us.

South Africa has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 34% by 2020, but says it will need financial aid from developed countries to do so.

Probably a pretty awesome, if cynical move on their part if you ask me.  Volunteer to sign up for the Western ruling class's favorite pet project and they'll be sure to send a few bucks your way.  Why, they'd probably give you enough money to pay for the massive, devastating collapse of your economy. 

Wait, what?  You barely have an economy?  Well, then double fucking awesome-sauce!  You'd be stupid not to!

And this, of course, is why I haven't been posting lately.  Because when I get to this point of the post about environmentalism I wish I had a "fuck" button on my keyboard.  It is all so ludicrous and dishonest and fucking evil I just can't understand that it is really happening.

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