August 23, 2009

Stupid Hippies Need A Punch In The Face, Vol. 281,192,811

What a shock this piece of crap idea comes from some idiots in the Bay Area.

Medicinal drumming, formerly called “therapeutic drumming,” is a decade-old practice based on centuries­-­old wisdom, and is being used in The City to keep at-risk youths out of gangs and help trauma victims face their demons, among other uses, the city report said.

The practice was developed by Sal Nunez, a psychologist and professor at City College of San Francisco who has earned national acclaim for the holistic approach. He holds circles to treat trauma victims, and also hosts them for youths and adults in need of psychological counseling.

“It’s a really strong, good therapy that’s been very helpful in keeping kids off the street,” said Public Health spokeswoman Eileen Shields.

“Repetitive patterns influence brainwave activity,” Nunez said. “If a person is susceptible to seizures or perhaps psychosis or has been significantly traumatized, repetitive patterns can trigger some of that.”

The medical community is buying into the practice. Just recently, Nunez’ therapeutic drumming was recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as a “culturally appropriate” and clinically proven practice.

As much as I love to mock stupidity line by line, this one is so idiotic, I am just going to mention that these rump rangers are so fucking stupid, stupid called them to tell them to stop giving stupid a bad name and leave it at that.

And you want therapy? How about guns, booze, cigars, pr0n, and kick ass music? That ever occur to you, Doctor Dipshit? Just for that, here is something that will make you wet your chinos and cry to your drumset:

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