December 30, 2008

Stupid hippies

Looking to ward off hippies from settling in your town? It may be as easy as setting up a municipal wi-fi network:

HIPPIES LIVING in the tiny town of Glastonbury claim that a new wi-fi network is responsible for a spate of health problems.

Glastonbury, which used to be a mecca for Christian pilgrims looking for King Arthur, has now been largely taken over by New Age hippies who think that it is a place of great healing energies.

That was, until the town set up a £34,000 project wi-fi network on an experimental basis. Apparently wi-fi jiggers about with your chakras and breaks ley lines, which makes you sick.

To counter the bad karma they have surrounded the masts with orgone generators to clean the energy up, but despite claims that the generators can fix the bad energy of a nuclear powerplant they seem to be unable to deal with the terrors of wi-fi.

Perhaps a drum circle would be more effective.  Or, I know, the power of love.  Like, yeah, maaaaaaaaaaaaan.


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